5 Great Small Gym Bag Advantages that would Push you to Make the Switch

5 Great Small Gym Bag Advantages that would Push you to Make the Switch

Before we get into our topic about small gym bags in this article let’s talk a bit about how exercising should be an important part of your life. Other than doing it so you’ll be in your best shape, exercising can be more than a hobby, it can be a lifestyle. An active lifestyle demands you to be on the go most of the time and it could be rewarding, but your productiveness should match the essential items that you associate with yourself.
One great invention for those who are always looking for grab-and-go accessories would be a small gym bag. If you’re the type to keep it simple or uphold the values of practical people, then small gym bags would certainly fit into your life perfectly. It’ll hold what you need for a workout session without a hassle and you’ll be able to practice only bringing what is only necessary instead of trying to pack everything for a few hours’ need.
A small gym bag can also be your companion if you’re exercising beyond the inside of a gym. It’s light enough while you walk outside to cool off or if you decide to meditate outdoors. This doesn’t mean that it would skimp out on the main purpose of bags, and you can find out more about that in this article.

5 Great Small Gym Bag Advantages that would Push you to Make the Switch

Make the Switch to Small Gym Bags

Gym Bags have often been manufactured big. They sling across your body or settle on your back with the weight of everything you could put in it. And if there wasn’t enough to put in them, you would hear your things slide back and forth while they rattle. What is once made for convenience would turn out to be a hassle to bring along.
Then came small gym bags and suddenly there’s another option making sure you have what you need. Here are more reasons why it’s great to have it handy.

Less Mess

Organizing is key to a smooth and productive active lifestyle. If you don’t have to keep looking for items or regret leaving what you need because of the bad packing you did the night before, you’ll know where the items are in an instant. With small gym bags, it’ll be easier to portion the pockets and space. Another advantage is that most small gym bags fit in the laundry machine, this way if something spilled inside or it’s getting a bit stinky, you’ll be able to wash it in no time. If you’re used to big gym bags and a bit lost on how to organize your small gym bags, we can provide you with some tips on what to pack.

Wet and Dry Bag

This is a very useful item that could make everything less stinky and moist. After your workout, you would probably want to change into something that doesn’t smell like sweat. Putting your workout clothes next to your snacks and extra clothes in your small gym bag might not be the most pleasant thought. A wet and dry bag helps you separate the two kinds of clothes and they usually fit most of them without appearing too bulky.


Two towels would be better to have than just one. One small and one towel that is slightly bigger. This way, you could use the small one to wipe your sweat during a workout and the other one could be for after-showers if your gym offers one.

Hygiene Kit

Hygiene kits are a must after workouts. You never know if you need to be out longer than you intend to or stand around strangers after you have sweat buckets. Deodorants, combs, and wipes should hold you off until you can go home.

5 Great Small Gym Bag Advantages that would Push you to Make the Switch

Lighter in Weight

Having big gym bags that are filled to the brim with unnecessary stuff can make us develop muscle strains in the long run. Even without items inside those kinds of bags, the amount of material used to make them is usually heavy. When you switch to gym bags, you’ll immediately feel the difference when you sling it on your body. If you want to make sure that you’ll have a light small gym bag even with stuff in it, make sure to find one that is made with light but durable fabric.

Better Price

Small gym bags are usually cheaper than big ones since they use more material to make them. Less price doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the space for your essential items. In relation to that, a big doesn’t exactly mean that all the things you can fit there would all be needed. So if you have already listed out the things that are necessary for every trip to the gym then it wouldn’t be hard to see that the price is a value for money.

Easy Access

Have you ever been in a hurry while digging up something in your bag and somehow you managed to pull out two packs of gum, some change, and a sock before you find what you’re looking for? Well, that wouldn’t be much of a problem with small gym bags since they are more shallow and smaller in dimension than a regular gym bag. That means the things you need are almost always at the surface or only two layers deep so you’ll be able to see everything immediately.


Small gym bags are less bulky and would hang on your body more fluidly since the edges wouldn’t fold into each other like big bags. If you are someone who prioritizes an accessory’s design then small gym bags would work better as they are now even designed by manufacturers to mix and match with great exercise lines.

5 Great Small Gym Bag Advantages that would Push you to Make the Switch

Final Thoughts

Having a small gym bag doesn’t mean you have to completely switch from your big bags. Those can still work if you’re off to travel for activities since they could hold more gear. The advantage of using small gym bags in your daily life however is the practice of bringing minimal things that are used to maximize your productivity. It’s always better to invest in durable and sustainable things to save up in the long run. If you want to know more products like that, you can visit GymOnMe.

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