About Us

The Story Behind The Creation Of GymOnMe™️

GymOnMe, a revolutionary compact exercise equipment solution, is inspired by the extraordinary personal story of the creator, athlete, and owner of a Personal Trainers company, Ohad Roeh.

Ohad, critically injured to the state of comatose and half-body paralysis, endured three consecutive brain surgeries. Finally, through willpower, determination, and immense effort, he was discharged from the hospital– recovering to full bodily function. His rehabilitation was possible only by committing and returning, step by step, to his workout routine.

Initial movements of each finger were a painful struggle in itself. However, daily improvements were possible by completing small exercises lying in bed, sitting up, and eventually exercising in the outdoor hospital gardens. Incredibly, Ohad achieved this progress without fancy equipment; he used nothing more than rubber bands, a bag of weights, and a mat.

Following his miraculous experience of regaining total physical capacity, Ohad made a promise to himself. He promised to dedicate his life to spreading the knowledge he acquired first-hand on the transformational benefits of physical activity. To carry out this promise, Ohad began by founding a gym and a personal training company that offers physical and online training, reaching tens of thousands of people. Although a considerable achievement, Ohad still felt the urge to expand the reach of this knowledge to hundreds of thousands of people. Thus, he felt compelled to expand and create a revolutionary fitness product through more determination and effort– the GymOnMe™️.  


The innovative construction of this bag was influenced by one critical recurring problem with professional trainers—getting carried away with multiple bags—giving them an unprofessional appearance. 

Our secondary incentive for our design was the disposal or reduction of fitness accessories due to poor transportability; this sacrifice denied trainers and their clients the opportunity to take full advantage of outdoor training.

GymOnMe™️ presents trainers worldwide with the solution to these obstacles, all in one sleek and professional package.