Invest The Right Amount Of Gym Time To Achieve Your Goals

Invest The Right Amount Of Gym Time To Achieve Your Goals

Exercising is a very beneficial activity to do. It’s flexible enough that we can tailor it to however our bodies feel but at the same time, we can do it both indoors and outdoors. It’s a good hobby also, other than reaping the health benefits it provides, the rush of endorphins would provide a freeing feeling.
There are a lot of concerns when it comes to testing out what your body’s limit is. One of them is how much gym time is considered healthy? This is an important thing to note especially if you are only beginning your workout journey.
When you’ve learned the do’s and don’t with this topic, chances are you’ll be able to listen to your body better and would lessen the injuries that occur during exercises.
Going to the gym could stem from different reasons. It can either be from injury recovery, maintenance of weight, or transitioning to a different weight. If you’re confused about how much gym time you need, start with determining your priority. It can even be just about getting out of the house and doing something productive, but as long as you’re sure, it’ll be easier to make plans. Then in this article, we’re going through an in-depth discussion of the measures of gym time for you to be more aware of how it affects your body.

Invest The Right Amount Of Gym Time To Achieve Your Goals

Gym Time or Stay at Home?

One might wonder why it would be better to leave the comforts of your home to go to your preferred gym. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to pull out your trusty exercise mat and use your own equipment?
Although there is a lack of convenience if you choose to go to the gym frequently, there are numerous advantages that might convince you to schedule gym time. 

Equipment: One of the biggest pros is the equipment you can use. You’ve got types of equipment for building muscle, cardio training, and all sorts of stuff that you can incorporate in your routine rotation.
Motivation: Finding the motivation to exercise especially on bad days can be quite deflating. But if having gym time means getting out into a new yet still familiar environment. This fact might end up being your personal push to work out. Another thing would be making use of the gym membership that you’re paying for. You wouldn’t want to end up regretting all those days that are covered by your subscription.
Belongingness: Having gym time means being with fellow gym members with similar goals as you. Even though you might not talk to them often or aren’t even friends with them, there’s sort of a sense of community. 

Not only that but there are a lot of gyms that offer classes and group training, which strengthens your connections with them while also achieving your goals.

Invest The Right Amount Of Gym Time To Achieve Your Goals

How To Adjust Your Gym Time?

At the end of the day, your body would tell you what it can take, but it would be better to have an idea of what is ideal. A little reminder, you don’t have to spend your whole day at the gym to get the results you want.

Building Muscle

The gym is a good place to focus your energy on weight training. It is the fastest way to build muscle and since the results wouldn’t appear overnight, you’ll need to make up a plan of how much gym time you’ll actually need.
There’s a science to that which you can further discuss with a trainer in your local gym but the best amount of gym time you can devote to building muscles is going for 2 to 3 times a week.
Since building muscles takes a toll on your body, spending around 30 minutes every time you consistently go would help you see results and create that rest period that’s necessary.

Maintaining Weight

If you’re already living your best life with your dream body then going to the gym would be essential to stay in that dream. Once you’ve achieved a weight that is healthy for you, you’ll be more motivated to stick to a certain amount of gym time.
Although, if you’re a bit lost if what you’re doing is right, the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) released an article about the effects of physical activities for a healthy weight, and in it, they’ve determined how much gym time your body needs for maintenance.
An equal mix between moderate-intensity to vigorous physical activities would help you with maintaining. With regards to the time, you can switch between 150 minutes of modern intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous activities.
It depends on you about how you’ll divide the time as long as it’s within a week.

Invest The Right Amount Of Gym Time To Achieve Your Goals

Recovering from an injury

Living an active lifestyle, you’ll probably encounter an injury from time to time. If they’re minor enough, you can get started slowly going back to the gym to ease your recovery.
But how much gym time is healthy enough that it wouldn’t add to the strain that your body is already feeling?
A good rule of thumb is that, whatever your routine is or however long you usually devote, cut it by half as a start. After each week, if it’s not too much for your body, you can increase it by 10 to 15 percent until you’re back to your usual gym time.
Make sure that in between exercises, you’ll give yourself a substantial amount of time to rest so that your body wouldn’t be in too much pain for your to finish your workout.

Final Thoughts

The tricky thing about determining gym time is the difference in each person’s body and limits. Though, it’s already a good start that you’re looking into the ideal measures of how much time you should put into your routine so that you’ll be able to stay on track in the long run.
Getting out of the house and into the gym could be your best hobby and lifestyle essential yet. It might be the thing to motivate you not just to work out but to keep an active lifestyle.
There are a lot of things that could help keep you up with that lifestyle, get to know more here on GymOnMe.

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