The Multiple Benefits Of Raw Eggs For Bodybuilding

The Multiple Benefits Of Raw Eggs For Bodybuilding

If you’ve taken on the challenge of bodybuilding or already started it, you should know that to be successful, food plays a major part in that journey. Food is responsible for making sure that our body gets the right kind of nutrients so that it can convert them into the energy we burn during exercise. In this article, we’re going to talk about eating raw eggs for bodybuilding but before that, we’ll narrate what kind of food you can benefit from.

Not only that but specific foods contribute to specific goals. Since bodybuilding requires a lot of training to change your physique, you’ll need to plan all your diet well for a good transition. With bodybuilding, the most important food to eat is protein.
Protein is literally the building block of muscles. The amino acids that it would give you will help produce better muscle mass and further push your strength. This would help with weight lifting after exhausting training.

Bodybuilding can lead to a lot of injuries, especially strained muscles but it’s part of the process. One of the things you can do to prevent those is to have a high-protein diet. A high-protein diet creates an environment for your body to repair itself and recover quicker than those who have an average diet.
You can get protein from a lot of things, whether organically or processed, there’s a way to balance that and make it accessible. Here, we’re about to find out more about a protein source that’s well known and comes compact: raw eggs.

The Multiple Benefits Of Raw Eggs For Bodybuilding

Raw Eggs for Bodybuilding

Thinking about plainly eating raw eggs for bodybuilding is a little off-putting, to say the least. You wouldn’t eat them for the sake of the flavor but you’ve seen celebrities in movies like Rocky downing them and if they can have their body built like that after it, maybe you can too.

Protein: Raw eggs are high in protein which is a must in bodybuilding and a little number of saturated fats that you would definitely want to avoid, especially if you’re planning to eat a lot of it.
Let’s go over the specifics. A single egg has six grams of protein and around 90% of it is energy-giving fats.
If you eat a healthy amount of them along with a good diet, you’ll be able to have energy not only during training but also after when you need to go back to your daily activities.

Amino Acids: One of the best things about raw eggs for bodybuilding s is that they contain nine amino acids. Those amino acids would help break down food and digest it better so you’ll get the most nutrients out of them. Another benefit is that it helps you grow and aids you in repairing damaged body tissue which would be great not only during training for bodybuilding but also for your daily life.

Recommended Egg Diet

Eating a large number of raw eggs for bodybuilding every day takes some getting used to. The best thing to do is start small then work your way up as you increase your workout regime. Also, eating raw eggs for bodybuilding should always be accompanied by a well-rounded diet to get maximum results. 

Daily Dose

The recommended healthy dose of eggs is six egg whites and two yolks per day. This would amount to 153 calories and if you want to track your nutrient intake, it would be 26.6g of protein, 10g of energy-giving fat, and a reasonable amount of saturated fat around 3.2g.
If that seems too much with starting to eat raw eggs for bodybuilding, you can start getting used to one to two eggs that are near the nutritional content of the daily allowance of three eggs whether cooked or not.
There’s another formula to compute if you want to tailor your protein intake to your body’s build. The National Institute of Health’s research recommends for someone to take 2g of protein per kilogram of their current body weight.
So if you’re worried about messing up, remember that sometimes planning a diet, even with a nutritionist would have trial and error but you’ll eventually figure it out.

The Multiple Benefits Of Raw Eggs For Bodybuilding

How to Avoid the Risks of Eating Raw Eggs for Bodybuilding

The biggest risk that can happen is a Salmonella infection. This can happen with any raw food but there are ways to reduce the risk of contracting such infection.

Pasteurized: There are all kinds of eggs in supermarkets but the best thing to buy if you plan on eating raw eggs for bodybuilding is purchasing pasteurized egg products. This means that the eggs would be slightly sanitized and of higher quality than regular ones.
Egg Quality: As you do with other food products, make sure you’re meticulously consuming great quality eggs. Watch out for eggs that aren’t expired, dirty, and have unmarred shells free from cracks.
Refrigerate: Make sure the raw eggs for bodybuilding you consume would come from the refrigerated section of the supermarket as well as having it refrigerated at home.

There are different regulations per country on how they handle the production of eggs since places like Japan enjoy raw eggs on some dishes. It would be a lot safer for you to inquire about the protocols for egg production depending on where you stay. It’s worth the extra step.

The Multiple Benefits Of Raw Eggs For Bodybuilding

Final Thoughts

Eating raw eggs for bodybuilding may seem impossible at first but you could take it step-by-step and follow the essential safety measures for you to reduce the risks you can contract. Eggs are convenient and are packed full of nutrients despite coming in a small package.
The nutrients you can get from eating raw eggs for bodybuilding should provide you with protein and amino acids that could add to the healthy diet for your regime. You need not worry about gaining too much illogical fat that would hinder the progress you make while you build muscle mass.
If you keep up with eating raw eggs for bodybuilding as well putting in the best you can with your training, pretty soon you’ll have the results you want.
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